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UHV AC test base achieved full charge

Poster£ºadmin Views£º3335 PostTime£º2010-9-18

Source:Central China Power Grid Corporation

3 pm-15th June, SGCC's UHV AC Test Base successfully charged its 1000 kV single-tower double-circuit test line.

Located in the city of Wuhan, Hubei Province, SGCC's UHV AC Test Base is an important part of the UHV AC Test Demonstration Project. From the completion of "Three Connections and One Leveling" to construction and electric installation, the whole project has seen rapid promotion. After the successful charged operation of 1000kV single-circuit test line in February 13th, constructors, such as Hubei Transmission and Transformation Company, have put in great efforts and achieved charged operation of 1000kV single-tower double-circuit test line, marking the full charge of SGCC's UHV AC Test Base.

We are informed that after the charged operation of 1000kV single-tower double-circuit test line, key test researches on single-tower double-circuit compact UHV transmission line can be carried out in no time, so as to further reduce line corridor, diminish the impact on the environment, enhance transmission capacity. In this way, China's UHV transmission project will become an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly project that provides reliable technological support for the construction of UHV AC Test Demonstration Project and the safe, stable and economic operation of UHV grid.


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